Would you like someone alerting you whenever you leave your garage door open?

Before we start to explain what exactly is the Door Status, we think it could be useful for all our costumers to know a few general information.

First of all, it’s important to have a clear idea about what kind of doors and sensors are compatibles with our Gogogate. For this reason, we consider essencial to make a little brief in this first part of the post about this features. We think that, in this way, and with this tips, it may be easier for you to choose the option that fits you better.

Having said this, we will start talking about our Wireless Sensor GGG2 TWS.

The Wireless Sensor GGG2 TWS it has been especially thought for two types of doors:

  1.  Sectional door

2. Tilt Garage door 

So, if you have one of this types of doors and as well as you’re interested in a Gogogate 2, you should buy your Gogogate 2 with this type of sensor. And what are the most important features of this Wireless Sensor GGG2 TWS?

  1. Remotely monitor if garage door is open or closed
  2. Check garage door temperature in ºC/ºF · R
  3. Receive real time alerts on your Smartphone.
  4. Easy to install tilt sensor with double sided tapes.
  5. Tilt switch broken when garage door opens.
  6. Monitor sensor’s battery status for prompt replacement.
  7. Keep track of all garage door events in a built-in calendar of events.

Important note: This sensor doesn’t works if it isn’t connected to your Gogogate 2.

Our other Gogogate Sensor is a Wired sensor GGG2 WDS. This other sensor is compatible with another types of doors.

Find out more information in http://gogogate.com/downloads.html

  1. Swing gates

2. Sliding gates


3. Roller  doors

What are the main features of this Wired Sensor GGG2 WDS?

  1. Remotely monitor if garage door is open or closed.
  2. Receive real time alerts on your Smartphone or via email.
  3. Easy to install magnetic sensor with double sided tapes to detect your gate status.
  4. Keep track of all garage door events in a built-in calendar of events.
  5. As we said before, GGG2 WDS is ideal for sliding and swing gates. This sensor is also compatible with roller doors too.
  6. The wired sensor  is waterproof, so that means that it is resistant to water.

Once you have this clear, it’s time to learn a little bit more about one of the most important features of Gogogate 2; The Door Status.

Find out more information in http://gogogate.com/downloads.html

What is the Door Status?

The Door Status is one of the main features of our product.   Everytime there is a movement in  your garage door, Gogogate 2 will send you notifications about your Door Status.

  • Important note: The Remote Acces has to be activated if you want to recieve the notifications of the Door Status.

The notifications can be adjusted to you’re liking. So that, the user can choose what type of notificacion want to recive. Those notificacions, can be changed in everywhere at anytime.

There is 3 differents  types of nottifications:

  1. Door or gate open: 
  2. Door or gate close.
  3. Door or gate left open: If you leave your garage door open, Gogogate2 will send you a notificacion in about 10 minutes with the status of your door. If you don’t close the door in about a period of 10 minutes since you recive the first notification, you will recive another notification reminding you about your door status.

The Gogogate2 manager could choose if he/she want to recive the notificacions via email or in the Smartphone.

You could always see your garage door activities because Gogogate 2 gin up a calendar of events with all your garage door movements where you could acces and check all your garage door activities.

Finally, it is important to know that only the administrators of Gogogate 2 will recive the Door Status notifications. This means that if you want that more than one person could recive our alerts, these people should be added into the administrator account.

What is Remote Access and how can I configure it?

One of the most important and convinient feature of our Gogogate 2 is the Remote access. GoGogate 2  will integrate all your remote controls in a single app for you to open and close your garage door from anywhere.
So that means that with the Remote Access, you can open and close your door from anywhere and any time, as long as you have Internet in your phone, PC or tablet. But, when we talk about having internet, we not only mean that if you want to open your door you have to be connected in any Wiffi network but also with your 3G or 4G Smartphone is enough.

How do you configure your remote access?
The first thing you need to know is that once you recive your Gogogate 2, the RA is still not activated. So, first of all, you need to downloand our app and connect your Gogogate. ( Remember that you can register your gogogate through our app or your remote acces page).

Once you have it done, it’s time to activate your remote acces! How? Well, it’s very easy.

Step 1. Enter to the edit option into our app or webpage.

Step 2. Go to configure device, and enter your login and password.

IMG_5484 [46547]

Step 3. Once you’ve filled all the information, you land on the settings menu.


Step 4.  In that menu, select the remote acces option.


Step 5. Click on the enable acces and accept accept the terms and conditions if you agree .


Step 6. After completing the following steps, you will see a count down and within approximately 20 seconds, you’ll have it activated.


Remember that you can always connect your Remote acces through a Wiffi network or from the 3G / 4G of your phone.