Do you want to see what is happening in your garage when you are not at home?

With the optional video feature you will always see what’s happening in your garage. Your Gogogate2 device will register and record every time your garage door is opened. Besides this, the system will allow you to assign up to 1 different camera per connected door, so you know you are looking at the right place when necessary.

Our video monitoring feature brings you peace of mind. Why? Well, imagine you are on holidays, in a business trip or at work. By integrating your existing IP camera, you can see what happens when your garage door is open or closed from your Smartphone, tablet, PC or Smartwatch from anywhere.

What do you get with our video pluguin?

· The ability to integrate your existing IP camera to Gogogate2 device.

· The ability to remotely watch real time what happens when you are not home.

· The ability to remotely monitor each of your garage doors or gates separately.

· 1 GB worth of real time video monitoring/month.

· 1 GB worth of renewable video storage so you can keep track of past events

Gogogate 2 – IP cameras compatibility list

In the following link you will find all the IP cameras compatibles with our Gogogate2 device. Check the following list and find your best option.

How can you activate your video plugin?

Once you have your IP camera, it’s time to activate your video plugin. In the next video, you will find the steps to follow for your video plugin configuration.

4 thoughts on “Do you want to see what is happening in your garage when you are not at home?

  1. As we’ve discussed before, the camera MUST be set to port 80 in order for it to work with GoGoGate. When the option to enter a different port is available, then I’ll be able to avail myself of the Video Plugin. Until then I use IP Camera Viewer to see the camera located in my garage.

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    • Dear Stephen,
      Thank you for making contact. We’re working in a new firmware ( v 2.0). In this new one, you will be able to do what you ask for. This new update will be launch the next month. We will notify it in our Social media networks. If you have any other doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Best regards,

      The Gogogate Team


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