Gogogate is now compatible with IFTTT

Gogogate is now compatible with iFTTT conection.

Most of you had ben asking us for a long time about the compatibility of Gogogate 2 with iFTTT. We are excited to announce that from now on, Gogogate 2 is compatible with iFTTT conection. But, for all those who doesn’t know what is this, let’s go on introduce a little bit more:

What is IFTTT?

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a very popular service used to create recipes which combine different devices and services to automatically do things for you, making your life easier and more confortable.

By using this platform with Gogogate2 you will be able to open/close your garage door or gate automatically when the system detects you are approaching/leaving your home. No need to use your phone to operate your garage door or gate! So you will never had to use a remote control or open any app again to operate your garage door.

How does IFTTT work?

Sign up for an account on the IFTTT website. It’s a one-step process that only requires an email, username, and password. Once finished, you will see that IFTTT has automatically created a recipe for you (this recipe will send a recommended recipe to your email inbox every day). From here, IFTTT should show your dashboard.

On the dashboard, there is a brief explanation of how IFTTT and recipes work. The “This” in “If This, Then That” stands for a trigger, while the “That” stands for an action. These two linked events create an IFTTT recipe.

Also on the dashboard, you will see links to create custom recipes or browse (and then use) recipes already created by other IFTTT users. You can also share recipes and save recipes to a favourite section on your dashboard. If you’ve added a recipe to your dashboard, you will have options to turn off, delete, and edit that recipe.

IFTTT compatibility and recipes

IFTTT is compatible with both Android and iOs so you can try new recipes for both of them to automatically open or close your garage door or gate.

Find in the link below some recipe examples and start creating your new one:


Have more doubts? Send us and email to support@gogogate.com or have a look to our facebook page