1.Can I receive Door Status notifications if I’m not home?

Of course. You can receive notifications of your door status at anytime from anywhere. The only thing you need to make sure it that you have Remote Access enabled.

2. Will I know who opened my door?

Yes; as long as the person who opened the door is registered as a user in the Gogogate 2 device. If the garage door is open or closed from a remote control, keypad, push button or manually, you will still receive a notification but you will not be able to tell who was it. If the system is open or closed from a PC or via web browser (through Remote Access webpage), you will receive a notification telling you that the system was open or closed from the internet. All notifications are in real time as long as you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or through your data plan (3G/4G).

3. Is there any Wireless sensor for gates?

Not yet. At this time, only the Wired sensor model GGG2-WDS is compatible with gates.

4. Can I use a Wired sensor for garage doors?
Yes . You can use Wired sensor with Garage doors as long as the gap between the two magnets is less than 1.25 inches .


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