What happen if you lose your smarphone ?
If you lose your phone the first thing you must do is to log in the following page from a web browser Http://XXXXXXXXXX.my-gogogate.com (using your UDI) from another phone or computer and change your Gogogate2 password. By doing so, you can stop the thiefs from using the app.

Http://XXXXXXXXXX.my-gogogate.com : X represents the characters of your UDI. Every Gogogate has a unique and different UDI.

What does UDI stand for? UDI means Unique Device Identify number.
Where can you find it? Well, The UDI will always be displayed in your Gogogate 2 app when you press the G button found at the bottom of your app, in between the ADD and EDIT button. Once you press it, the UDI will appear on top of your screen in a small grey letters . (NB: You can also find the UDI in the EDIT section).

  • We always recommend you to write down and keep in a safe place your UDI.

Can I use my Gogogate 2 from anywhere in the world?

Yes.  Gogogate 2 may be used from anywhere whether you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network or using your data plan ( 3G / 4G LTE ) from your smartphone.

In addition, our device is unique in the sense that it will still work even if you do not have internet connectivity. What this means is that you will be able to operate the system from your own Wi-Fi network (locally) if there is an internet breakdown or you haven’t enabled remote access.

Is Gogogate2 secure?

Yes! Gogogate2 is one of the most secure garage door controllers in the market, because we do not have any main server to operate the device. Each device has its own server, so all your data is stored inside your gogogate 2. Besides, Gogogate2 does not require any personal information to be functional.


When you want to open your garage door from your iphone or from your Android phone, the phone connects directly to your Gogogate 2 device. Your personal settings are not stored in any main server and since no personal information is shared, there are much lesser chances to put your system at risk.

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