What is Door Status ?

Before we start explaining what exactly the Door Status feature is, we think it can be useful to share some general information with you conerning our sensors and the garage door or gate types they are compatible with.

Having said this, we will start talking about our Wireless Sensor GGG2 TWS.

The Wireless Sensor GGG2 TWS has been essentially designed for two types of garage doors:

  1.  Sectional door

2. Tilt Garage door 

If you happen to have any of this garage door types at home and you’re interested in monitoring the door status from a Gogogate 2, you should get your Gogogate 2 in combination with this type of sensor. Please note that most of our dealers sell the Gogogate2 with a sensor already included, normally at a price of $150 (shipping included) in North America, 150€ + VAT (shipping included) in Europe and $195 AUD + GST in the Pacific.

What do I get with the Wireless Sensor GGG2 TWS?

  1. Remote monitoring of garage door: you will know in real time if door is open or closed
  2. Temperature indicator: Check the garage door temperature in ºC/ºF in real time.
  3. Remote Alerts: Receive real time alerts on your Smartphone and/or email account.
  4. Easy to install: Place this tilt sensor with double sided tapes on the top of your garage door.
  5. Battery indicator: Monitor sensor’s battery status for prompt replacement.
  6. Calendar of events: Keep track of all garage door events in a built-in calendar of events.

Important note: This sensor is an accessory of the Gogogate2 system and doesn’t work if it isn’t connected to a Gogogate2 device.

Find out more information of the GGG2 TWS model in http://www.gogogate.com/assets/ggg2_tws.pdf

The other Gogogate Sensor is a Wired sensor, model GGG2 WDS. This sensor has been designed to be compatible with all kind of gates and roller doors. Here is a brief summary of what gates and doors are compatible with this wired sensor:

  1. Swing gates

2. Sliding gates


3. Roller  doors

What are the main features of this Wired Sensor GGG2 WDS?

  1. Remotely monitor if your garage door is open or closed.
  2. Receive real time alerts on your Smartphone or via email.
  3. Easy to install magnetic sensor with double sided tapes to detect your gate status.
  4. Keep track of all garage door events in a built-in calendar of events.
  5. As we said before, GGG2 WDS is ideal for sliding and swing gates, making the Gogogate2 the only suitable solution for gates.
  6. The wired sensor is waterproof, so this means that it is water resistant.

Once you have this clear, it’s time to learn a little bit more about one of the most important features of Gogogate 2; The Door Status.

Find out more information of the GGG2 WDS model in http://www.gogogate.com/assets/ggg2_wds.pdf

What is the Door Status?

The Door Status is one of the main features of our product. Everytime your garage door opens or closes, Gogogate 2 will send you notifications about the status of your door.

  • Important note: The Remote Access has to be enabled if you want to receive notification of the door’s status.

All notifications can be adjusted to you’re liking at anytime, from anywhere so you only receive the type of notificacions that matters you the most.

There is 3 differents  types of nottifications:

  1. Door or gate open 
  2. Door or gate close
  3. Door or gate left open: If you leave your garage door or gate open, Gogogate2 will send you a notificacion after 10 minutes telling you the door is still open. If you don’t close the door in the following 10 minutes since you receive the first  “left open” notification (20 min later), you will receive a second notification reminding you the door is still open..

Once the alerts have been set up, you can also choose if you want to receive door status notifications via email or directly in the Smartphone.

If you missed an event, don’t worry since all the activity in your garage is stored in a calendar of events automatically generated by the Gogogate2 device. Gogogate2 and the Door Status feature will allow you to get your garage door activity always under control, no matter where you are.

Finally, it is important to mention that only the administrator of Gogogate 2 will receive the Door Status notifications. This means that all other users of the system won’t be able to receive alerts or track the activity at the door. That being said, you can have more than one phone connected to the admin account in the Gogogate2 device.

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